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Mitrou Archaeological Project

Field School




MAP will offer three different field schools in the summer of 2008:
1) a basic field school for up to 16 students without field experience will cover all aspects of the excavation,

2) an advanced field school for up to 4 experienced students will focus on the excavation and analysis of burials.

3) a geophysical field school

We expect students in the basic or advanced field schools to be present from June 9-August 10 to allow for 3-4 days of orientation at the start, and 3-4 days of cleaning up at the end.  The geophysical field school extends from June 15-June 28.

Students in the basic or advanced field schools will receive 9 or 10 credits (the tenth credit will be awarded if a student is invited to submit a research project). The fees for either the basic or advanced field school are $5,500.  The fees for the geophysical field school are $3,400.

All three field schools will be open to students from any university in any country.





Advanced Field School
This course set is designed for those advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have had archaeological field school, and who want to expand their skills and experience in Mediterranean archaeology, particularly mortuary archaeology. Students enrolled in this course set will form part of the Mitrou Archaeological Project excavation team together with regular field school students and professional staff. Unlike regular field school students, advanced students will be trained as trench assistants in the field, will receive specific instruction in tomb and burial excavation and recording, and will be expected to spend a considerable amount of time in the apothiki (laboratory) where they will assist in diverse data collection and preliminary analysis tasks.

In addition to practical on-task instruction, advanced students will attend evening lectures/discussions on mortuary archaeology and Mediterranean culture history, and will be expected (under guidance of the instructor) to produce a draft proposal and annotated bibliography for conducting a specific mortuary archaeological study of one or more sites in the Bronze through Iron Age Mediterranean. A packet of readings on mortuary archaeology will be available in the laboratory, but students are encouraged to identify and acquire additional articles relevant to their proposal topics prior to traveling to Greece.



Prior archaeological field school
Consent of instructor

Download MAP Field School Application Form